June 5, 2020

Dear Healthcare, First Responders, and Essential Workers,

VIKA would like to take a moment to thank healthcare, first responders and essential workers for their commitment to keeping our communities safe and functioning!  During this pandemic we are faced with many challenges and VIKA would like to recognize all the men and women putting in the effort and facing the daily risks. Eligibility restrictions apply.


Thank you to the health care industry for keeping us safe and healthy!  Thank you to the utility operators for making sure we have access to water, electricity, trash, and sanitation services! Eligible Games : Before heading out to avail your No Deposit Bonus, you need to check the eligible games on which you can really claim a promotional offer.  Thank you to the grocery store clerks and delivery drivers for keeping the stores opened, stocked, and operating! New types of entertainment are created where breathtaking adventures are combined with Real Monetary Gains.  Thank you for the transportation operators for allowing us to travel to the places where we need to be! Our most popular online games include:.  

Keeping our communities connected takes a lot of work under normal circumstances, during this pandemic it is more difficult and even dangerous: thank you all very much for your service and commitment.

Thank you!

VIKA Maryland, LLC