Gaithersburg/Montgomery County, MD

Project Description

VIKA Maryland provided the planning, engineering, and surveying services on Neighborhoods 1 & 2 of this 90-acre mixed-use development, which included 760 multi-family units, 88 “2-over-2” units, 288 townhouse units, 18 live/work units, and 300,000 S.F. of commercial and retail area. VIKA Maryland’s services encompassed their entitlement process and full final engineering.

VIKA Maryland has continued to provide comprehensive civil engineering and surveying services from conceptual layouts through entitlement and final engineering. We are currently providing Construction Phase services including stakeout and construction observations as well as designing the next Neighborhood.


Boundary and Topographic Surveys
Concept and Preliminary Plans
Final Site Plans
Rough Grading Plans
Sediment Control Plans
Storm Water Management Plans
Grade Establishment Plans
Storm Drainage Plans
Record Plats


  • Multi-family residential — 1,149 units
  • Townhomes — 339
  • Single family homes — 59
  • Commercial retail — 257,400 S.F.
  • Historical house.
  • Single-family homes
  • Townhomes
  • 2 over 2 units
  • 760 Multi-family units
  • Community center