Chevy Chase Collection

Chevy Chase, Maryland

Project Description

Known as Washington’s Rodeo Drive, The Collection at Chevy Chase is a high-end boutique shopping center located at 5433 Wisconsin Avenue, just over the border from Washington, DC.

Chevy Chase Land Company is transforming and rebranding this property to attract and maintain a desirable mix of tenants, improve internal site circulation, and activate the pedestrian environment through redesign of the building architecture, public use space, and onsite circulation. There is also an optional roundabout planned for the north end of the site on Montgomery Street.

VIKA Maryland has worked with the Developer from the initial project through the intervening site changes and amendments. For the current renovation, we are focused on structural changes with the mass of provided parking being located below the mixed-use commercial center. The structure presents some design challenges for drainage because we’re changing the curbed condition to flush for a more pedestrian-friendly environment.


Montgomery County


Civil Engineering

Entitlement Services



  • High-end boutique shopping center
  • Public Use Space
  • Pedestrian Friendly Environment
  • Retail